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Artist statement for “Prints 2020”

My images are mental landscapes in a world that isn’t what it seems. Language is at best ambiguous, we can never be certain we have conveyed the meaning we intended. We do not know how other people really feel or what they are thinking. We don’t even know our own unconscious minds. I have a careful logical aspect to my personality coexisting with an expressive artistic side. We make coherent narratives from the random events of the day and memories get reworked and lost. Our sensory perceptions are created by our body’s receptors and our brains. Different frequencies of electromagnetic radiation exist, colour only exists in our minds. Pressure waves in air exist but it is our brains that interpret these as sounds. Our brains wrap real objects in perceptions as we move through the environment. When we die our only fate is to be recycled through our connected-up planet and yet human minds are disconnected from each other.

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