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Artist Statement for the “Aberystwyth to Elan Valley Project" (2015/16)

We inhabit a world in flux caused by the competition between creation and destruction. Landscapes in particular accumulate the effects of such changes through time to become beautifully intricate and apparently random yet structured and explicable at the same time. For me this view of the countryside is enriched by my background in research science.

My drawings frequently begin with poetic notes. From there an image evolves over time by processes of layering often combined with mixing/diluting the pigments in water on the picture surface. Scraping and abrasion are also important aspects of building the image. Thus, the landscape and its representation are created by the same means. Above all the drawings must be expressive and intuitive and in their making there is interplay between imagination, memory and actual place, deliberate and random mark making and also responses to the landscape and to the developing image itself. In the background there is always my scientific understanding adding to the creative experience. A scientist art…

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